Your own car is becoming popular again

In recent years we have been encouraged to go carpooling, use public transport or other means of transport instead of all getting into our own cars. Now there are several surveys that show that because of the coronavirus almost everyone wants to get back in their own car. Logical consequence That this is so is of course not very strange. When you are alone in the car, it is easy to keep the intended 1.5 meter distance without taking extra precautions. Many people will feel safer in their own car and less willing to share their car or even get into the public transport that hundreds to thousands of people travel with every day.

Change in transport

The surveys that have been conducted show that 48 percent of those surveyed after the intelligent lockdown, when the coronavirus decreases, do not feel like travelling to their destination by public transport. They will therefore choose to go to work or school in a different way. Many of them will then go by car. It is therefore expected that there will be an increase in the demand for tweedehands auto.

Crowds on the road

It is clear that many people no longer want to travel by public transport because of fear for their health and perhaps that of those around them. Volkswagen’s top executive agrees that public transport is a place where viruses and diseases can spread quickly, he also thinks that many more commuters will switch from public transport to the car. If all these people will travel with their own car, that will cause another problem. It will get very busy on the road because of the increase in cars. As a result, in addition to air and noise pollution, there will also be an increase in traffic jams and therefore a greater risk of accidents. To prevent an unpleasant surprise, a good car insurance is a must, you can contact an independent comparator. With such a comparator you can take out your car insurance and compare the different options with each other to choose the car insurance that best suits your wishes and needs. Source :