Link building

You know that keywords are the way to a high score on Google. But did you also know that this isn’t the only thing? Linkbuilding is the ugly duckling among search engine optimization actions: nobody talks about it. But the impact is huge.

Link building is very important

In short, the search engines give your website a relevance score based on the number of links to your site in other places. And based on the reliability of those links, of course. So the more often they talk about you, the higher you score. How can we boost that score? By linking to your website from our extensive network of reliable sites. You will see the results immediately.

Link building: Your website in Google scores on top as…

Google doesn’t have it easy

Google wants to show good search results. Then people like to use the search engine.
But it is difficult for Google to know which website the user is looking for on the basis of a few typed words.
For this purpose Google uses more than 200 parameters to show the best possible results.

How to estimate the importance of a website

If your website gets a lot of interest from other websites, it’s good. Linkbuilding is a nice word for interest.
Only: how does Google know that you are popular in other websites or media?
Google searches the internet for websites that link to your website.

When is a website ‘good’?
Google looks for just about anything that can indicate ‘professionalism’, and therefore quality.
To make a website right on that point, you really need to know how. You learn this through an SEO training program, or you pay a lot of money for it if someone is going to do it for you.

When is a website important?

When are you important? When many (preferably important) people know you, and preferably recommend you.
The same goes for your website. If many (important) websites point to your website (with a link), your website becomes important.

Conclusion: So link building is the solution for our visibility in Google?
Link building, or placing signposts to your website, is a powerful solution. Provided the links come from websites that are ‘well received’ and your own webpage SEO is technically in order.
So get to work.

You call, send emails and ask (beg) all your suppliers, customers and relations to place links on their website to your website.

Or…we do this for you.

Link building for your website? Don’t hesitate!