Writing seo texts

It is better to leave the writing of SEO texts to an expert.  Writing SEO texts can also be done differently. You may have read that you need a minimum of 300 words, need to name the keyword an X number of times or you need to focus purely on the green dots of Yoast.

If you have to believe some SEO copywriters, then search engine friendly writing is nothing more than stuffing your web texts with keywords. That’s nice…

Let Seo write texts

Writing SEO texts is not easy. Write a good blog with these 3 tips. Writing a good blog is not for everyone. A writer can write beautiful, businesslike texts without dt-errors, because that’s the ultimate goal… For a writer anyway… But make no mistake! Don’t compare a copywriter with a writer.

Write to a friend

Pleasure your reader with words. And don’t write a good blog with business terms and boring texts. Don’t start, because you can find them anywhere. Rather, focus on how you can make sure your reader enjoys reading your text.

Let’s be honest? It’s not easy to read when using business terms. Who is interested in a boring text?

The intention is that your reader will enjoy reading your text so that he or she will switch to action using a CTA or call-to-action. (Which you also have to foresee)

Provide a CTA button

Like I just said, the CTA that you also have to provide… I’ll discuss that here.

Besides informing your reader (because a blog doesn’t serve to sell your product or service), you have the opportunity to let your reader take action by means of a call-to-action button.

Your blog can be so beautiful, so unique, so instructive or so WHY. In other words: you can write a very good blog, but you don’t have a call-to-action button? So how can your reader take action?

Using this button, a reader can be redirected to another page with new content, in exchange for data. You will then receive an email address to which you can regularly send new content.

A CTA in a blog, can be used to be redirected to, for example:

An e-book
Subscribe to receive weekly blogs
A contact form

Write a good blog thanks to SEO

Writing seo textsOf course we still have our good friend SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The word says it all: search engine optimization.

To repeat: your blog can be so beautiful, so unique, so instructive or so WHY. But isn’t your blog SEO-friendly? Then it becomes difficult to be found.

An SEO-optimized blog ensures that your website scores higher in google. This creates more publicity and the chance of a conversion is higher.

Taking SEO into account you do so. Hey that rhymes!

The 4 benefits of blogging for your business

Blogging for your company should be a must. A blog has a great added value on your website. Oh, wait! Not only is your website well seen, the findability of your company is also growing!

Blogging for your business is good for SEO

Writing SEO texts is indispensable in the business world. Thanks to SEO, you have the possibility to be on the first page of Google with your blog. This allows you to get more visitors to a particular search query.

Writing SEO texts gets you more visitors and more visitors, also means more traffic on your website. So you have more chance of a conversion to a lead. So your blog must be SEO optimized. And you have the possibility. So be sure to make use of it!

You are an expert

When publishing blogs for your company, you can share a lot of information. Information that you know about. This way you can share the knowledge of your profession and at the same time be seen as an expert. Ah, yes! Because you are the one who offers useful information. Of course, the step to buying is stimulated. You prefer to buy from an expert, don’t you? So have your SEO texts written.

Long-term visibility

Create visibility by just collecting some texts on my website? Yep! Your target group is always looking for the topics you write.

With every search of your target group that matches the topics of your blogs, they’ll come across you. The -There it is again! – effect you’re going to create and that’s exactly what we want! They won’t forget you easily and will think of you first if it’s ever about buying.

Blogging is cheaper than AdWords

Blogging for your company can also save you money. Do you use AdWords? In other words, you don’t have a blog page on your website yet and you only invest in paid ads? Then now is the time to do it differently!

Use a blog page, where you weekly upload new content even then you have to choose to write SEO texts. With SEO optimized texts you can significantly reduce the investment. This way you also have the possibility to rank on the first page of Google!

Outsourcing the writing of seo texts

Content is one of the most important aspects of your SEO optimization. We know that like no other. Qualitative content is difficult to write and SEO is all about quality, which is much more important than quantity, in contrast to earlier SEO times. It is therefore important that you spend a lot of time on your SEO texts. Our Marketing team can help you with this!