How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Blog Post? Anyone can write a blog. But writing a blog the right way is another story. Writing a blog involves more than just a few words. Because of course we still have our good friend SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The word says it all: search engine optimization.

Your blog can be so beautiful, so unique, so instructive or so WHY. But isn’t your blog SEO-friendly? Then it becomes difficult to be found.

An SEO-optimized blog ensures that your website scores higher in google. This creates more publicity and the chance of a conversion is higher.

How to Write a Blog Post

Writing a good blog shouldn’t be that hard, should it? Why does it take no effort at all in real life to tell a story and strikes your writers block mercilessly in front of the empty screen?

Writing a good blog is just a profession. It’s just tricks. It’s practice. Especially that. By the way, after reading this article, you don’t suddenly write beautiful stories. You have to be serious about getting started. Just get started. Put those first words down on paper.

What is a blog page?

A blog page is a separate page on your website with different articles. These articles ensure that you are found organically (without paying Google) by your target group. The articles or blogs you put on the blog page must have a link to your services or products. No direct link, because we are not going to sell on your blog page! Your articles should be about problems your target group is experiencing and for which you have the solution. Or questions they have that you know the answers to.

How to Write a Blog PostYour target group searches for one thing and another every day. And if they’re looking for something you know the answer to? And if you’ve written a blog about it, hopefully you’ll be at the top of Google so your target audience can read it.

Make sure you write good texts!

In a previous blog you read how to write a good blog.

At some point, when you have hundreds of blogs, they will see you more often and get to know you.

Hundreds of blogs? I have to come up with a new topic every week.

Yes, of course! But find out how easy it is to find blog topics.

A blog page on your website? You want quality leads, don’t you?

A blog page on your website? That belongs to inbound marketing. Inbound marketing means that as a company you want to promote the sale of services or products on all activities you perform. And with this kind of marketing, you do that in a not annoying way. In other words, they come to you themselves or they were just looking for your offer. Handy, right!

A blog page on your website? What are your advantages?
You can share your knowledge and passion. You give your visitors tips and tricks and teach them something. And let the tips be your expertise. You can earn money indirectly. But how do you do that? SEO of course! Because your blog should stand out!

Of course, your blog must be SEO optimized

SEO is the abbreviation of: Search Engine Optimization. It means: Search Engine Optimization. It’s a means to get your blog page on your website to score high in -the one and only- Google! Because yes, content? We have enough on the web.

Google has an algorithm. Google’s algorithm takes into account whether or not your website ranked high. It’s a real challenge to make sure your website has a high profile in a certain search query. SEO is important for your blog page. Because only with qualitative leads, it will be a great success!

Spread your blog via email marketing and social media

Your blog page on your website has been optimized well, now it’s time to spread your blog through email marketing and social media.

Email marketing is that you continuously inform visitors about new tips, facts and trends. This way, your target group will be reminded of you on a weekly basis, and should they be looking for you? Then they know where to find you!

Social media is also a great asset. Distribute your blog articles on all possible social media channels. Your reach will be better, which will increase the chance of qualitative leads.

Leads? Let’s face it, you need them!

Talk about leads? Leads are potential customers that may become customers. When does a visitor become a lead? When visitors come to your website through an SEO optimized blog, they are given the opportunity to leave their details. They do this before downloading your e-book, to receive weekly tips and also contact you under the category ‘Leads’.

Only an optimized blog page on your website will generate leads. Are you going to click every button or link you see? No you won’t. So you see, even the button plays a role.

Would you like a blog page on your website?

A blog page that will generate quality leads? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?! It is, but it takes a lot of time. But don’t let that stop you! Get a free custom quote.